Welcome! For the visiters to Japan in English

Hello! My nickname is Hidamari and the blog title is
"Hidamari no Ohanashi" in English "A sunny place story".

Today I have started English blog for the visiters to
Japan business or sightseeing tour. I want to you to
know about Japan, nature, culture and people through
my blog page.

If you want to know something about Japan, please write
a comment
to my blog page. As I am using Japanese web
blog site, you must be difficult to use and write to
my page. I will try to repair gradually for you to
use simply.

Please note that I write English very simple, as my
English level is as well as senior highschool students.
My English blog is at the same time English training for
my own. So there will be not a few mistakes in my blog.

Please visit the link "WELCOME TO JAPAN" and you will
be able to find useful information about Japan. But sorry
this page has just begun and no information now.

Once or twice a week I will write useful information
and offer link pages. But now this is just the first
step for me.