Welcome! How to approach "Tokyo" from Airport

Hello! When you arrive at Narita International Airport
after long long flight, you will know Tokyo is far from

So even if you want to reach main part fo Tokyo, you
must go ahead about 70km more. There are some ways to
approach Tokyo.

The most expensive but comfortable way is to take a taxi,
if you have enough money. It costs about \16000 to
Tokyo station. \16000 is about $135 or EU115. There is
still one risk. After 30 minute drive from airport you
will find the longest parking in the world. The famous
highway traffic jam will make you impatient.

If you will reserve and stay in large hotels in Tokyo,
you can easily take limousine bus. It goes directly to
the reserved hotel.

There are 2 train lines JR and Keisei. If you go to Tokyo,
Shibuya, Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, JR the better. Tokyo
station is where you change to "Shinkansen". If you want
to go to Ueno or east side of Tokyo, Keisei the better.

You can see the English Web Page of Narita Airport here.

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